Dog Mom. Content Creator. Podcaster. Motivator.

Work With Us

I love using our platforms to connect with and serve others. Our content focuses on empowering others to build their confidence and relationship with their dog through play, training, exploring and mental health advocacy. I love to integrate my own rituals and favorite products into our content because I believe having a healthy mindset directly effects your relationship with your dog!

Our audience is comprised of dog moms looking to improve their overall mindset and learn new ways to connect with their dog. We are someone people trust and relate to, and are a go to source for training, play and lifestyle products.

  • Unique and Innovative Ways to Promote Your Brand or Product

    I love working with you to achieve your specific goals. I have experience in curating unique packages to fit your needs including various media types on social media like stories, IG Lives and IG Takeovers, along with getting my audience engaged through multiple techniques.

  • Video and Photo Content Creation

    I put emphasis on short-form video creation and have a lot of experience with that media form. I am open to creating content bundles for brand pages, along with creating sponsored content for use on my page to promote a brand or product. With this video and photo creation, I also offer whitelisting and advertising options.

  • Podcast + Newsletter Advertisement

    The Dog Mom Mentality podcast has been ranked #4 on the US Pets & Animals podcast charts and consistently ranks within the top 25. I offer pre-roll advertisements for my podcast which include an advertisement in the email newsletter. The podcast and newsletter come out every other Thursday on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

Value We Can Provide You

Karoline has built a trusting and supportive community that people come to for inspiration. Pairing her engaged community with content showing off products and services she loves proves to be advantageous for companies. Her specialty is with short-form video content and working with companies to:

- pinpoint areas for growth that could be accomplished through a partnership

- research and provide a strategy based on the company's goals

- create content for use on social media platforms and advertising

- provide brand awareness and exposure for your company through my platforms by sharing the product or service

-provide feedback from my community on how the content performed and what stood out, including KPIs we discuss initially

Examples of Work

Let's work together! If your brand or product align with my missions and platform, I would love to discuss how we could collaborate or partner. Message here or email