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Growing & Heeling Ebook

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By using this journal, you will boost your confidence and mindset, which in turn will help you live a more fulfilling and intentional life with your dog. It is here to emotionally support you whenever you are ready, you can start at any time as there are no dates on the pages. This would be the perfect gift for new dog owners and reactive dog owners! 

The journal is broken down into 4 sections - intention setting, 6 months worth of goal setting for you and your dogs, journal entries, and a wins tracker. The journal entries are broken down into 10 common emotions experienced by dog owners. This journal provides guided prompts to help you work through your feelings so you come out with more understanding, a sense of peace, and a reason to stay motivated. Some exercises work to reorient your mindset and put things into perspective, some work to ease your worries, and some work to cheer you on.

Other noteworthy additions include blank journal pages in the back and empowering graphics throughout. 

You will receive a link to download the journal via email within five minutes of the order being placed with this product. 


This is a digital product - we appreciate you not sharing it!


This is a digital product - we appreciate you not sharing it!