Looking for a specific episode? I made these playlists so you can listen to exactly what you need at any given moment without having to search. They are divided into inspiration for reactive dog owners, mental health, solo episodes, new dog owners, careers with dogs and therapy dog teams!

You can find these playlists on Spotify and I custom made pages with the Apple Podcast links. After clicking the link below you can slide the left and right to find your preferred streaming platform.

Podcast Playlists
  • Episode 22: Experiences and Expectations as a Therapy Dog Team

    Kristin, from @winston_the_aussie_coonhound, joins me to discuss all things therapy dogs.

    I want to be inspired 
  • Episode 20: Boundaries Are Cool

    I share my thoughts (& vent a little) on setting boundaries and how having a dog gave me more confidence in that area.

    Teach me your ways 
  • Episode 1: Play Cures All (for the most part)

    This episode is with Haley from @paws.andreflect. We chat about how we have grown our relationships with our reactive dogs through play.

    I want to learn 

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