It's Karoline + Layla. Here at Dog Mom Mentality, we strive to inspire others to feel more confident and build a stronger relationship with their dog. Ready to feel empowered?

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  • Play

    Playing intentionally has transformed my relationship with Layla in so many ways. It has taught me how to better communicate with her, build trust between us and lets us both have fun and truly enjoy each other!

  • Training

    Training is something we do almost every day. I like to work on things that will build Layla's confidence and are functional to our lifestyle. We have been able to overcome some of Layla's fears because of training.

  • Exploring

    Exploring, being curious and keeping an open mind has led me to so many opportunities. I am often exploring my mind, new types of coffee, various music genres, technology, the outdoors with Layla, and so much more!

  • Mental Health

    Mental health and emotional well-being have become a passion of mine. I love talking to others about their experiences, trying out new forms of self-care rituals, and creating a space for others to feel safe and included.

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